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How to find an intrusment that will boost your brain

We talked about brain breaking, let's talk about preventing it from happening.

1) Guitar

Guitar cannot make your brain become stronger, but it will make your brain harder and more simple in progressing. You can not make the brain stronger in reading the number, but definately playing guitar can help you get more girl. More girls means more fun, the more fun you get the better role you play.

Lots of people afraid of playing guitar because they are too shy of being a star. Or their hands just dont want to get hurt and dirty. Black people do't play guitar, Mexican people do. Why? Because black people are people of guns and violent, and Mexican is the people of fucking pussy.

2) Trumpet

Don't get me wrong at anycost, Trumpet is not a toy of Trump. Donal J Trump has nothing to do in here. Trumpet is a very old European intrusment that often being played at Opera house. At the finest level of music, Trumpet always finds its place between other legends like piano or kola ( guitar has nothing to do in here ). The rythm and the flow of it is just too unique for electrical intrusment to copy.

Check out one little video here

Trumpet now is mostly used in funeral, military funeral most.

3) That's all baby

If you watch Simpson, you should remember that the daughter of Homer simpson play trumpet, and the other legend kids next door play guitar. So what do you pick my dear friend

P/S: for some of you might get interuped with things like how to find a good tutorial - find them via the wiki page about guitar, the wikia page about homer simpson, what a guitar need - a good overdrive pedal - the list of best overdrive pedal, how to find a trumpet.

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