Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 10, 2016

How to find most awesome films that blow your fucked head up

In the last post, I talked about Shameless. Just wondering if I can talk about something new in this post lol.

V for Vendetta is like Bernie Sander revolution - It's to create a people's revolution - not to create justice and fairy tale.

Why does this film blow your head up? I should have mention a little bit about the film here:

V open a future - which is full of Hitler copy cat - just one thing the leader doesn't look as badass as Hitler. He's just a liar, a fucking selfish thing that looks like Donald Trump. He control everything and by his evil actions - he accidently created V.

V is a man who lost his mind. He got out of prision and planned to revenge.

V succeed, but he lost his life. On the way to his revenge he found love of his life. Everyone remember him - but only one remember him as a real HIM.

Dont think that he was like Bernie, but all the thing he did is not so different than what B has done. He only think about the people, about the revolution. With the his talent, his commitment he can even be a succesful business man. But he chose to be a terroist.

If this one is still not hard enough, let's talk about OldBoy. Forget the remake of 2013, we are talking about the 2003 korean version.

Okay stop. I just dont want to talk about films anymore. Does film come with music? Yes they come together. We will not just blame them for the head breaking thing, but remember to mention the music too.

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