Thứ Năm, 6 tháng 10, 2016

What to do when the level of bullshit is just too high?

I bet that some of you have read this title before, and even thousands of time. People talk about how to deal with bullshit all the day. So to be honest - how to fuck all those thing at once?

It's hard. but not impossible you dumpass. At first let me talk little bit about bullshiting people.

BS people are the people who never get into anything but fucking around and take people's attentions. They never let anyone get into their head but their fucking selfish mindset.

You dont believe me? Have you ever heard of Frank Gallagher from Shameless?

Yeah, he is the most famous BS from the South side. He fucked up everything from his daughter's wedding to his son's life. His love of life is Bianaca which had commited suicide while they were together. She has very nice tits jeezuz. After the dead of her he even masturbated in front of her grave. This guy is increribly sick. And I love him - the most interesting bullshit man in the world.

He is very cute, I have to admit. And one of the mose favorite thing about him is he able to break up anything in front of his eyes, he breakup with the old drunk wife. He fucked with the doctor, he even fuck the Karen - jeezus I just love Karen you know - she is damn hot.

Lips just fail in love with her, and then his father fucked her, that was bad.

Frank fucked Bianca - that was great.

Frank got 2nd liver - and he got fucked.

Frank is the American Dream - and he is a fucked Bullshit

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